HDAccelerated Storage Technology From Curtis!
Turbocharge your high performance SANs with the HyperDrive eSAN II DRAM SSD RAID Storage system from Curtis, Inc

The HyperDrive eSAN II DRAM SSD RAID Storage system adds extreme high I/O performance to the SAN as Tier 0 storage for Tiered Storage Solution. This unit features 8Gbps host Fibre Channel connectivity for FC SAN or Directly Attach to Servers in a 3U rack-mount enclosure. Combining the high performance RAID controllers and highly scalable, hot-swappable drive architecture, the HyperDrive eSAN II DRAM SSD RAID Storage system can provide maximum 3.75TB DRAM storage capacity to create a fault tolerant, expandable and flexible solution for the most I/O intensive storage applications.

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 Download HyperDrive eSAN II Specifications (115KB)

Scalability and Availability
Fully DRAM Solid State Storage, infinity scalable in both storage capacity and SAN Connections: two RAID controllers can support daisy-chain up to 14 expansion enclosures. The maximum hot-swappable drive number is 120 through 15 enclosures.
Each enclosure supports up to eight Hot-Swappable Curtis HyperHD 5.25?? DRAM SSD drives with Redundant Hot-Pluggable Power Supplies and Fans.
Open systems architecture utilizing standard SAN & RAID building blocks.

RAID Feature
Supports RAID level 0,1,10,3,5,6,30,50,60 or JBOD.
Online RAID level/stripe size migration; Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously; Online volume set growth.
Automatic drive insertion/removal detection and rebuilding.
Max 128 LUNs (volume set) per controller.

RAID Management
Firmware-embedded web browser-based RAID manager - access your RAID subsystem from any standard internet browser via 10/100 Lan port.
Firmware-embedded SMTP manager Monitor all system events and user can select either single or multiple user notifications to be sent via "Plain English" e-mails.
API library for customer to write its own monitor utility.

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