HyperHDAccelerated Storage Technology From Curtis!
Unleash the power of database and application servers with the HyperHD DRAM solid state disk drive from Curtis. Utilizing ultra-high integration technology, the HyperHD is an OEM solid state storage solution for I/O-intensive applications.

Using innovative packaging and patent pending ASIC technology, Curtis developed the HyperHD in 5.25 inch form factor compliant (CDROM Drive size) making it a truly plug and play solution. The HyperHD appears as a standard disk drive to the operating system, no special software drivers are needed. Simply replace rotating drives with the HyperHD and dramatically improve storage performance.

 Download HyperHD DRAM SSD Specifications (61KB)


5.25 inch form factor DRAM Solid State Disk
Interface SATA II
Connector Dual 7-pin SATA ports with 15-pin SATA Power connector

Models and Capacities
HyperHD-16GB-DB 16GB
HyperHD-20GB-DB 20GB
HyperHD-24GB-DB 24GB
HyperHD-28GB-DB 28GB
HyperHD-32GB-DB 32GB

Physical Specifications
Height 1.65"(42mm)
Width 5.71" (145mm)
Depth 8.425"(214mm)
Weight 2 lbs

MTBF >1,000,000 Hours
Integrated ECC Memories 72bit
(64Data/8ECC) modified Hamming Code
meets/surpasses server memory requirements

High Performance
Access Time Read: 1.1uS, Write: 0.25 uS
IO (transactions/sec) >45000
Data Transfer Rate (sustained write) 140MB/sec
Data Transfer Rate (sustained read) 170MB/sec

Data Retention & Power Management
Integrated Li-Ion Battery and Charger
Minimum 2 Hour Data Retention in battery backup mode
Optional internal CF card backup available

Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature 0 to 60ˇăC
Non-Condensing Humidity 0% to 90%
Altitude Unlimited.

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